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Singing, Piano/Keyboards, Harmony, Arrangement

You're a beginner or you feel like you're stuck in an intermediate level ?

Let me help you to develop your skills, no matter your age !



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From classical pieces to pop music, we'll work on your hand technique, ear training and reading music so you can play any of your favorites pieces, as well as develop smooth piano accompagnying playing.

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Your voice is unique ! Lessons will focus on your goals by working on your vocal technique and pitch, posture and breathing, interpretation, harmonizing, finding your voice identity, self-confidence and mental preparation to public performances. Good tools and the right approach will help you unlock your full potential !



Music Theory will help you understand what you hear and like in music, so you can add it to your personal music library ! We will focus on ear training, harmony and chords progressions from simple to complex, learning to arrange and compose for different ensembles (strings sections, current music formations, etc...).Theory will always be linked to practical music, so you can use it effectively.



Lessons will always focus on your personal goals and I'm attached to find the method that will suit you the best, so that you get confident in your playing as well as in your own style. I'll be happy to support you in your musical journey, and help you thrive ! We'll figure how to practice efficiently. I will adapt the lesson to your wishes and needs, meaning music theory and ear training will be integrated, and we'll find a great balance of practice and theory according to your goals.

I'm used to work with adults and children.

Price :

  • 25£/hour at your place*

  • 20£/hour online

Note : the first lesson is free, so we can meet, discuss of your goals, and see if it matches !

*(a supplement will be charged for the travel if it's >20min from my zone, I'm based in Camberwell, London)




I began playing music at a young age, learning keyboards as organ, piano and harpsichord in the classical and baroque genres at Annecy's Conservatory (France). Then I developed a passion for singing as I entered a jazz vocal choir as a teenager. I started to accompagnying myself at the keyboards while singing pop-soul covers, and also writing songs. As I finished highschool I moved to Grenoble (France) to study physiotherapy, that allowed me to understand the importance of posture and balance while singing. In parallel, I entered the Grenoble's Conservatory to study Jazz and Pop Singing. Then I moved to Lyon (France) and got the opportunity to enter a harmony and arrangement course at the National School of Music and Drama School of Lyon, and also started to study and play oriental music there.
During these years, I had the chance to explore a lot of music genres, to play with talented musicians and singers : these experiences make me able to have a global vision of music, making links quickly between theory and practice, making your practice time the most efficient possible. I also studied the human body, that is essential to understand the singing process, the struggles you may face and how we can fix it.
I'm also part of several projects : I'm a soprano singer in an acapella group, singer/songwriter/keyboards in a neo-soul band.



Feel free to contact me if you'd like to try a music lesson or simply for any requests.

Thank you for contacting me. I'll get back to you as soon as possible !